here we go

No really, I mean it this time.

I'm gonna ACTUALLY START writing on this blog.

But before we dive head first into the honest, mirky thing that is this life, 

I want to say hello to all of my new readers!

I wrote a "hello" post a while back, but that was almost a YEAR ago and some things have changed.

So here's some blurbs about me!

I'm 21 years old living in Asheville, North Carolina in a little blue house with my dear husband and our goofy pup, Sammy. I'm a photographer by trade, and an artist at heart. 

I like wildflowers, coffee, ice cream, and coffee flavored ice cream.

I love kiddos of all ages, morning light, and using creativity to speak truth into my heart and yours.

All of which have been graciously given to me by Jesus, whom I try everyday to devote my words and actions to.

This blog is a space for the simple and light as well as the hard and vulnerable. 

I pray that through these writings  you feel related to and know that you are deeply loved by a Father who knows your in's and out's.

If you've read this far, thank you.

So, without further ado...welcome to my little corner of the world.

You may wanna take your shoes off and stay awhile cause I'm probably going to ramble.

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- See you next Sunday -