Fall Favorites

It’s so hard to even begin.

Wow. What an amazing fall season it’s been! Thank you to every single person who took the time to pose and laugh to help make some really beautiful moments!

One of my favorite quotes says

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.”

It’s so true!!! I’m over hear happy dancing into the Holidays because I am truly grateful for every family, baby, and couple I’ve had the privilege of photographing.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from this season and stories behind the moment captured

(it was so hard to choose!)


Alright first up. I couldn’t NOT include this photo of sweet Sibbes. This kids spirit will light up any room. When I asked him to throw leaves in the air I got an excited “yes!” Being my first shoot of the fall season, the leaves were few and far between but that didn’t stop his joy from overflowing. I felt the same way about the changing leaves!


Sweet Natalie. I’ve been capturing her free spirit through my lens for a few years now and it has been such an honor! Every time we take photos she is so excited and always invites me to dinner after (insert crying emoji) She is curious and a precious wildflower. I hope she never stops exploring!

The Malik family traveled out of state just for their photo session. I couldn’t believe it. (especially since they found me through a hashtag on Instagram) But let me tell you I am so glad they did! It was FREEZING cold on top of the mountain but they were troopers. I’m pretty sure I complained more than they did. This isn’t the most amazing photograph but it speaks a lot about my journey as a photographer and artist. A year ago I wouldn’t have included this in a gallery but I truly love it. Thanks for joining this creative journey with me!

Stella June. This precious babe had been prayed for for years. I had the privilege of capturing her when she was just a bean in her momma’s belly right on this same land. I then got to meet her when she was new to the world, and of course captured her at one years old! (did you know we now offer milestone sessions?) I love the way her daddy looks at her with a quiet admiration. The way you can tell she trusts him with those little teeth and the sparkle in those bright blue eyes. Mom and dad weren’t prepared to be in photos but sometimes those are the best captures!

On a chilly night at the park we got to celebrate miss Amelia! Mom brought all the props - including lace, flowers, and a homemade cake! This was so fun. I love when you guys let me just play! Don’t let the icing on her cheek fool you - she took the tiniest most delicate bites - which gave me enough time to capture the moments in between. Such a great idea for any age birthday! (maybe I’ll do a cake smash for myself in January)


Want great mountain views and no hike? Look not further. Let me just say - I LOVE this field. I’ve captured multiple families in this neighborhood and every time it gets sweeter. For this session the fall colors were in full swing and the tiny little flowers were just an added bonus! Also can we talk about how beautiful this family is?! I mean come on.

Be still my heart. This sweet family won the giveaway for a Mini Family Session and I am so glad they did! This moment was created through sibling love and animal cracker bribery (no shame). But really - these two cuties loved each other so much and had such a special bond. Not to mention those amazing mountains in the background!

I included this photo because it shows FOUR generations! Such a special thing! I’ve captured multiple extended families this season and I think it’s just the best idea. It’s quick, easy, and creates priceless memories that can be cherished forever.


I had to include at least one newborn in here!! Golly. It doesn’t get old. Tiny fingers, toes, chubby cheeks. This big sister was so in love and I don’t blame her! How can you not be?? Mom also included a flower crown and her wedding veil later on in this session and I really can’t think of anything more perfect.

Last but definitely not least - Fall Mini Sessions! Here are just a couple photos that I love from that day. The real life. silly, genuine moments. It was such a beautiful day and I’m so grateful for everyone who came! Be on the lookout for Spring Mini Session sign ups!

And that’s it. Just a FEW of my favorite moments from this fall season! It flew by. Thank you again for helping make this dream a reality! I can’t wait to see what next season holds!

Merry Christmas and much love,