Life here is crazy and fast paced and as i sit in a crowded coffee shop my little introvert self is quite overwhelmed. overwhelmed by the noise and by the crowds and the rush, but, also overwhelmed by all that the Lord is doing in and through me.

He is so good friends. He is Light in the midst of darkness. He is Control inthe midst of unknown. He is Holy and Mystery and Peace and Friend and Father. Beside my homeless friend, 25 years of age, abuse and disability scarred on her heart. Sweetly reminded to take off my shoes on her cardboard mat, home. Holy ground. God was sitting beside her. Silently holding her hand, listening. God is in the mom of a wild and spirited 8 year old girl, with precious baby boy on the way, no father to protect or provide. Heavenly Father that will never fail. no home. Sunday night communion, grape juice sweeton lips, β€œthis is the blood of Jesus.” taking my cup and drinking as Jesus so sweetly took my cup for me. for her. crayon scribbles of imagination forever in my journal. continually loosening grip on the material. seeing God in our angry neighbor. hurt, confused. broken just like me. as i apologized on behalf of the Church for it’s portrayed hatred towards his identity, Holy ground. As his hand met mine, silent forgiveness, grace. Jesus bearing the weight of it all. woman in park asking for conversation, homeless beggar on subway, mom of three begging for a day of rest. so many souls, faces, rushing past, never to be seen again, but seen, loved, sought out by, the Lover of all.

Life is beautiful friends. hard and broken and hurt and lonely, but so beautiful when the never-ending river of Jesus enters the crumpled picture.