created from dust

given breath

the Father takes my hand and begins walking

i stumble behind unsure of where He’s leading

He twirls me

i stumble


stop and sit and struggle and try to hide

get angry

blame the Maker

He waits

not tapping His foot but with patient eyes He looks into my newly opened eyes and whispers

i love you…come…i know this dance.

after many tears and deep breaths

i take His hand

continue on

He begins walking.

feeling the sweet dew between my toes.

feeling the warm sun beating down on my shoulders

we twirl and dance and stumble and run

and then a cloud invades the rays of light

i get angry.

i hide.

but once again with patient eyes He takes my hand and asks me to stand.

asks if i trust.

if I’m willing.

i hesitantly continue following

and then a drop falls.

this foreign circumstance.



more and more

and then all of a sudden

wet. soaked.

scared, unkown, bitter, unknown

and the Father begins to dance once again and invites me to join

i twirl

feet slushing

mud gushing between toes


forgetting to remember the rain


dancing in the rain hand in hand with the one i am learning to trust.

He dips me

my stomach flips and i see His patient eyes, loving smile.

and He whispers

dance in the rain.

Dance with me. walk with me. run with me.

i will patiently lead.

i will walk with you until we return to the dew filled fields.

until you return to the dust that has formed your ever so fragile heart.

i will wait

i will be there asking you to tell me about the rain

tell me about the sun

about the other souls that ask you to dance

about when you slipped

when you helped someone else learn to dance.

i will be there.

i am here.


get up young soul.

i see your spirit and i know your habits of falling


drink from the river. rest. and we will dance into the morning and the days to come and i will never leave your side. we will twirl and spin and you will fall and i will wipe your tears and take your hand once again.

i will fight for you my child.

the darkness will come and try to become a deathly dance partner but i will fight.

i will win.

you will know me once again.

dancing in the rays of light.

slowly learning to follow.

slowly learning to dance.

to dance in the rain.